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Above The Tower

"A theme of elevation threads throughout this music -- from the space above a stone tower on Ireland's Cliffs of Moher, to the voyage of a balloon sailing over the ever-changing Northwest skies...from the revelation of Oladion atop a mountain peak, to the song of an albatross winging endlessly over the sea..."
--Magical Strings

This collection of original tunes for wire- and nylon- strung harp, hammered dulcimer, whistles and field organ was recorded in 1985.

"...a masterpiece."
--The Knoxville Journal

Phillip Boulding, wire strung harp, nylon-strung harp, whistles / Pam Boulding, hammered dulcimer and field organ / Seth Blair, cello / Randal Bays, fiddle on "Mary O'Neill".



Above the Tower

CD $16.00

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