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Crossing to Skellig

From the introduction:

"Skellig Michael (Great Skellig) is a massive seven hundred foot rock pinnacle eight miles off the coast of County Kerry, which makes it the western-most point in Ireland (and indeed in all of Europe). Resting precariously upon its summit is a well-preserved sixth century monastery that served as one of the last great bastions of Celtic Christianity. After a rough sea crossing and a rigorous climb, we found a place of great peace amidst the ancient stone-layered "beehive" huts where twelve monks and one abbot lived a sparse, contemplative life. Gazing over the vast expanse of sea and sky, we felt that here one could truly seek divine mysteries without the distractions of civilization.


"Another strong set of beautifully performed melodies, mixing Irish, Welsh and Scottish tunes with five originals ... a dancing, spirited delight. Boulding uses two harps for the full sensuous "Astronomer's Dream". The haunting "Lament for the World" is a solemn walk with the harmonium, wire harp, whistle, Irish pipes and dulcimers that builds in a strong march for hope, almost defiant in the face of world problems .. son Brenin joins on cello for the Welsh tunes and Pam's moving piano piece, "Song for My Mother". For pure plaintive beauty; Philip's solo on the Choroi 'A' flute through "Norwegian Aire" is virtually unmatched. The title track has a lofty, distant opening, like a bird flying on open skies, and a very spiritual sense that flows in much of this album...Most recommended."
-- Chris Lunn Victory Review

Philip Boulding -- wire and nylon strung Celtic harps, hammered dulcimer and whistles / Pam Boulding -- hammered dulcimer, piano and harmonium / Brenin Williams -- cello ("Song for my Mother" and the Welsh tunes) / Tom Cregan -- Irish pipes ("Lament for the World") / Tommy Hayes -- bodhran ("Knocknagow," "McHugh's") / Billy Oskay -- violin (on the Welsh tunes).

Here are three Crossing to Skellig sound clips (mp3): Knocknagow
Lament for the World
Crossing to Skellig (Title track)

MP3 sound clips require a software mp3 player. If you don't yet have one installed, you can download a freeware version, such as ReaOne Player OR Microsoft Media Player OR Winamp Player.



Crossing to Skellig
Crossing to Skellig

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