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Beneath the Moon

Magical Strings' 12th recording takes you on a journey to sublime realms of repose, where the very fount of healing springs forth. It begins with a glorious symphony from the birds of Magic Hill as prelude to "Rowan's Welcome," a new composition in honor of Philip and Pam's first grandchild. This is followed by lullabies from previous Magical Strings recordings, including such favorites as "Brittany's Dream," "Song for My Mother," and "Lullaby for a Soul's Journey," all specially re-mastered for this collection. Other new compositions are the lilting "Reconciliation Waltz", a gentle offering of peace, and "Lullaby for Kailey", written for the second granddaughter born two months after Rowan. The album ends back on Magic Hill, where the birds join the harp and carry the listener into a world of dreams.

Through this music may you enter a timeless realm where the soul's longing finds peaceful repose.

The "three mystical moods of music" played by the harpers of ancient Ireland were highly regarded, and of these the most revered was "Suantrai," the music of repose. In its highest form, this music reached deeply into the heart, bringing the soul to a state of profound stillness and peace. At each new birth, a window opens momentarily to the spiritual world, filling us with a wonder that transcends day-to-day life. The joy of grandparenthood has inspired us to put together this compilation of our favorite lullabies, along with three new pieces, two in honor of our granddaughters: Rowan, born to our son Brenin and his wife Sara; and Kailey, born to our eldest son Geoffrey and his wife Erin. As I held Rowan for the first time, I pondered again the mysteries of birth and music. When I reluctantly gave this beautiful child back to her mother, I began to play my harp, and Rowan's Welcome came forth. Two months later, Kailey was born. When Pam flew east to visit them, Lullaby for Kailey became my consolation while longing to be with them.

Early one morning when I was upstairs in our studio recording Rowan's Welcome, the birds began singing. I felt as though they were responding to my harp music, so I stepped outside and recorded them. I found myself in the midst of one of nature's grand symphonies as the birds' song echoed back and forth across the pasture and through the ancient fir trees of Magic Hill. Their music opens and closes the album.

Dedicated to Rowan Kathryn, born April 11, 2000; and Kailey Arddun, born June 10, 2000.

Sound clips in MPEG-3 (mp3):

Rowan's Welcome Valacyclovir 500 mg cost
Never Apart (from On the Burren)
Brittany's Dream (from Philip Boulding - HARP) Drugstore coupon code free shipping on 25
Song for My Mother (from Crossing to Skellig) Rosuvastatin 5 mg brands
Dance of the Twilight on the Burren (from On the Burren) Pantoprazole buy uk
Lullaby for a Soul's Journey (from Bell Off the Ledge)
Waterville Nocturne (from Philip Boulding - HARP)
Balloon Odyssey (from Above the Tower)
Reconciliation Waltz
Lullaby for Kailey What is the drug doxycycline hyclate

MP3 clips require an mp3 player such as Generic pharmacy medicine list, or Microsoft Media Player, or Winamp Player.



Beneath the Moon
Beneath the Moon

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