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"It is a rare pleasure to be able to say that each new release by a group is better than the last, and this is certainly the case with Magical Strings... They manage to create a tapestry of sound."

"For inspiration for their Celtic string-song and pipe tunes, Philip and Pam Boulding travel to forgotten places where sound knits in from stillness. In the ruins of a fourth-century island monastery off Ireland's coast or a ring-fort in an ocean inlet of that haunted country, they tune into the sounds of silence... When you catch their enchanted act...Pam introduces the tunes, telling tales of the travels that inspired them, with uncontrived simplicity... Philip plays Celtic harp and an arsenal of wooden flutes and whistles. When he blows his woodwinds, he's a man possessed... The true magic of this duo emerges in these fragile moments...harp and dulcimer combined in orchestral splendor, and the musicianship of this pair was awesome."

"Crossing to Skellig...The Bouldings are stellar musicians and the first thing you'll notice listening to this disc is what virtuosos they are."

"While most performers of Celtic music are content to repeat the glories of the past, Magical Strings strive to bring the tradition into the present and carry it into the future through their own original compositions...Ambitious...Poignant and moving."

"Their music is warm, graceful and sonically gorgeous... The Bouldings share not only a marriage, but a pure musical empathy. Their instruments -- one plucked, the other struck -- weave in and out of each other like avid Maypole dancers."

"If the spring rain wrote musical scores, it would sound like the Bouldings... They produce crisp, clear notes that cascade in the air. In the hands of these two, a composition is a seamless garment, not a patchwork quilt."

"Truly beautiful and poignant music... An absolute breath of fresh sea air off the coast."
-- PAUL WINTER, musician

"Philip and Pam Boulding have elevated the music of the dulcimer and Celtic harp to the status of a more cultured art with their many original compositions and devoted following. Saturday's Yuletide Family Concert -- which also featured the Bouldings' five engaging offspring acting, dancing and playing instruments -- was more evidence that theirs is a musical genre whose time has come."

"The performances maintain superb phrasing...exciting dynamics...and a lovely background tapestry created by Phil's fine work on the basses and his sensitive whistle playing... There is throughout a rhythmic sturdiness and pulse so rarely encountered in most harp and hammer dulcimer playing, and this really separates the 'men from the boys'."


Our new CD
Where Dragons Dance

For booking information contact:

Philip Boulding
1 888 413 HARP
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(Downloadable Press Kit, Photos)



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